RCC Israel # 10

Food-wise we had some really creative stuff here. The Ramen was out of this world as was the goose breast. But the desert –  WOW! All of it was made of vegetables – and it was all incredible! On to the wines – a mixed bag here this month – but still plenty to love – including the incredible 2003 Petit Castel (I believe that was the first kosher PC) – which was just beautiful!

2008 Yarden BdB – really at peak IMHO and super enjoyable. With some toast and butter blended with some very nice lemon. Really wonderful.

2009 Yaacov Oryah Hunters Valley Semillon – this bottle did not show as well as any of the other times I have had this wine – almost felt a little tired. A bad bottle for sure.

2016 Mystery Rosé (“bonus” bottle) – it should remain a mystery. This bottle stank. Literally. It smelled like burnt hair and rotten garbage. The flavor wasn’t horrible but – uch. (Extra bottle blind tasted)

2010 Binyamina Carignan (bonus bottle) – Tasted blind. Perfectly nice (though tired) bottle. (Extra bottle blind tasted)

2011 Tanya Meir Ariel Cabernet Shiraz, (Bonus bottle) – Tasted blind. This wine had an off smell which was identified as Sulfur Dioxide which apparently was used to much here. It didn’t taste great either. (Extra bottle blind tasted)

2005 Tzora Neve Ilan – while clearly drink-up this wine has aged gracefully – supper soft but still present tannin with very little acid. If anyone still has any, it really is time to open….

2010 Black Tulip – this was super fruity and had a definite perceived sweetness – not really my thing as it was a bit over the top.

2011 The Cave – while I would never pay for these, this vintage is superior to the 2010 that I tasted last. Definitely new world and fruit forward but controlled and not over pushed.

2011 Gvaot Gofna CS – I remember liking this wine much more previously. Could be that this was a slightly off bottle but felt a little weak and muddled.

2010 Flam Merlot – not sure why people think this has gone sweet. The tannin and acid have receded a bit pushing the fruit a bit more to the front – but I think that is the natural progression. Not sweet and very enjoyable!

2008 Yarden PN – not a fan in general of the Yarden PN and this was no exception . I found this to have a pronounced anise flavor – not a big fan.

2008 Yarden CS – wonderful bottle – 2nd best of the night IMHO. Drinking beautifully right now and will likely continue to do so for a couple of years. (Disclaimer – I brought this bottle)

2010 Pinord Antifeatro – not at all what I was expecting. Medium to light bodied wine fruit forward with a lot of vanilla and lavender. A very nice and food friendly table wine.

2000 Filius de Chateau Patris – this bottle was sadly passed peak. Very little fruit, acid or tannin left. Sad as I was looking forward to it….

2003 Petite Castel (Bonus Bottle)- the star of the night. Drinking beautifully. In perfect balance. In one word – WOW!

2012 Netofa Fine Ruby Port – very nice port consistent with the 2010 – but maybe behind half a step.

Porto Quevedo, NV  (Bonus Bottle) – not much changed here. Still the best bang for your buck in the port world.

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