RCC Israel #11

So for the first time both of our wonderful chef’s were unable to cook so we ventured out into the wild and ended up at Kinor Bakikar, located in Kikar Hamuzika in Jerusalem. While no where near as creative as what we usually get, the food and service were both outstanding and we will likely come back if faced with similar circumstances. Most of the wines this month were winners with the exception of the dreadful MASC and the ’09 Yarden Syrah.

Yarden, Blanc de Blancs, 2009 – is developing nicely and this was the best showing yet of this vintage. Some of the acidity has receded and it is now a more balanced wine IMHO, though still not at the epic ’07 or even the ’08.

Carmel, Meditteranian, 2011 – The best of the recent vintages of this wine, though it still doesn’t hold a candle to the very special ’07 – though pleasant enough.

Gvaot,Masada, 2011 – perfectly balanced and just entering it’s drinking window – this one probably has another year of improvement ahead. But as always, excellent and thoroughly enjoyable.

Ya’acov Oryah, Iberean Dream , Gran Reserva, 2011 – this wine continues to impress. No where near peak, but still really enjoyable now. If your are a
Tempranillo fan – this wine is for you!

Yatir, Petit Verdot, 2011 – I brought this bottle, so perhaps I’m not objective but this showed extremely well and is a picture perfect rendition of Israeli PV.

Carmel, Limited Edition, 2010 – what struck me most about the LE 2010 was how much in line it was flavor-wise with ’08. We decanted the hell out of it (almost 3 hours) and it actually presented as more open than the blockbuster ’08. And while not as strong a vintage – it just impressed in its consistency of profile.

Segal, MASC, 2009 – I really don’t get this wine. Way to pushed with a crazy amount of wood, overpowering tannic taste and mouthfeel – way out of balance. This showing was better than what we had a year ago, and actually the fruit up front – of wich there was way too much – was the best thing about this wine. HARD pass for me.

Yatir, Syrah, 2009 – outside of the miserable MASC, this was the weakest wine tonight. Slightly past peak and slipping out balance whith way to much up front acidity. Presented a little hot.

Carmel, Limited Edition, 2008 – No more to add than what has been written here repeatedly other than believe it or not, this wine still tastes YOUNG and it remains one of the very best Israeli wines ever made.

Yarden, Noble Semillon, 2004 – we had 2 bottles of this – the first we had with the pâté – and the second with desert. First bottle was in better shape, with some nice acid to back up the beautifully honeyed apricots and the feeling that this bottle might go another year before dropping. The second bottle seemed to lack that acidity to balance it out but I guess after 13 years, it’s to be expected somewhat.

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