RCC Israel #9

So for a first, our Chef’s decided to go Chalavi – which made everyone nervous considering the stellar wine list – but to everyone’s surprise, the food worked incerdibly well with the wine – including a most unique pairing of blue cheese and the 2000 Leoville! My notes were sparse as the conversation around the table was very animated. For what it’s worth, here they are.

Carmel, Kayoumi, Shiraz, 2011 – Still young, but WOW! Showed REALLY well. might be my favorite vintage to date.

Har Odem, Reserve, Syrah, 2011 – Nice contrast with the Kayoumi – for me (and I think everyone else) – it was no contest – the Kayoumi was the winner. Still, this bottle held up well.

Shiloh, Mosaic, 2011 – I happened to like the 06, 07 &  2010 better, but this bottle is nice, if not stellar.

ElviWines, Herenza, Rioja Reserva, 2010 – Way too young and not enough time in the decanter. Showed well, but really, this is still a baby. If you are going to drink it, make sure you decant a good 4 hours beforehand.

Lueria, Grand Vital, 2010 – Sort of pales in comparison to the epic ’08 – but as that is fast going down hill, this wine is a nice enough replacement.

William Fèvre, Chablis, Vieilles Vignes,2010 – Sorry, this one didn’t do it for me. Bland and flat.

G’Vaot, Gofna Reserve, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009 – I thought this wine was showing at peak, others thought it was just slightly past. IN any event – as far as I  was concerned, my previous notes hold.

Saslove, Sagol, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009 – Big fat pass for me. Did not like this guy AT ALL.

Ella Valley Vineyards, Personal, 2008 –  This was the most interesting bottle of the night  for me. Simply put – it’s a Bret MONSTER – but a perfectly structured and balanced wine – needed a little time in the glass for some of the Bret to blow off, but once it did and moved from being overpowering to an integrated part of the profile, it was totally enjoyable.

Château Léoville Poyferré, Saint-Julien, 2000 – I wrote “otherworldy” – which in the sober light of day seems to be an overstatement. But it really one of the very best I have tasted to date. Elegance in a glass. With Dark fruit, leather and earthy goodness held together by a still firm core of acid and tannin. Actually got better in the glass even though it’s 17 year old wine! Got even BETTER when I started eating blue cheese with it. Really awesome!

Kishor, Savant, Riesling, 2016 (bonus bottle) – Semi sweet –  was well made and a nice example of that style.

Castel, Rosé, 2016 (Bonus Bottle)  – A was bit too reserved for my taste, but an improvement over last year. Still – nowhere near the ’14.

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