RCC Israel #8

For Rosh Chodesh Adar we decide to embrace the spirit of VeNahafoch Hu and changed our guidelines accordingly. First  – all wines had to be imported – no Israeli wines allowed  – and second, the wines needed to be quality, but the 6 years past vintage rule was not enforced. This led to a wonderful variety of French, Spanish and Californian  (and Portuguese if you count the Port!) wines being shared. IThe food as always was wonderful – but this time I am not objective as I also prepared some of it as Bracha was away.  Because of that, I barely took notes and will just comment on whatever I have….

Freixenet, Excelencia, Brut, Cava, NV – Simple but well made.

Hajdu, Picpoul Blanc, 2015 – Loved this bottle. Hay but not barnyardy. Medium acid. Really nice.

Covenant, Lavan, Chardonnay, 2013 – A great example of Cali Chard. While creamy, not a butterball with everything the acid keeping things in check. Nicely balanced.

ElviWines, Clos Mesorah, 2013 – Decanted the hell out of it. Still needs a lot more time. Will be absolutely wonderful

Kaye, 7, Syrah, Sonoma County, 2013 – This was sadly over the hill but was interesting enough as an indicator of what it likely with some warm spice and  a bit of pepper. It was likely very good a year or two ago.

Shirah, Har Hamoriah, Mourvedre, 2013 – Dark juicy fruit and good acid. Firm but integrated tannin> very nice.

Château Rollan de By, Médoc, 2012 – Don’t seem to have notes here.

Vignobles David, Les Masques, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, 2012 – This was the most interesting wine of the night for me. It started of full of very sweet herbs – like basil. But within 15 minutes that blew off and those sweet herbs transformed into earthy notes with tons of red tart fruit and layers of spice – and really endless amounts of chewy tannin. I would say that this wine has a NUMBER of years ahead of it. Really excellent.

Flam, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2010 – (Bonus Bottle) Simon was supposed to bring this bottle last month but grabbed the 2014 and decided to do teshuva and bring this “extra” bottle. What can I say – it holds it’s own against the big boys from any continent.

Four Gates, Merlot, 2007 – Beautiful wine – but still WAY too young.

Herzog, Single Vineyard, Cabernet Sauvignon, Haystack Peak, 2007 – This wine might be slightly past peak right now, but was still lovely. Tannin has totally integrated with some nice acid. Very little fruit – though I would say a touch of plum. Some tobacco too with a touch of menthol on the finish. Drink ’em if you got ’em.

Hagafen, Prix Reserve, Mélange, 2006 – So this wine is definitely drink up – but it is still wonderful – deep berry flavors and tobacco – the tannin and acidity are still there providing a very nice core for this wine. Really impressive after 10 years!

Château Haut-Condissas, Prestige, Médoc, 2003 – Tasted side-by side with it’s slightly older brother, this wine is more vibrant and fuity while the … (continued below)

Château Haut-Condissas, Prestige, Médoc, 2002 -(continued from the previous note) was much more earthy, delicate and elegant. I preferred it – but really the audience was split as to which was better.

Porto Cordovero, Late Bottled Vintage Port, 2005 – Beautiful port. Restarined sweetness kept in check with layers of dried fruit, nuts. Great stuff!!

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