RCC Israel # 26 – Kislev 5779

Our chef’s took a much deserved vacation this month so we were back at Kinor BaKikar. They do a nice job overall – though I’ll probably look for other options for next time, just to change things up. Would have done that this time, but my wine schedule has been overwhelming with events  this past Wednesday, Thursday,  Friday and Sunday and another tomorrow night (I should have some posts coming soon about all of that – just need to find the time) – I just didn’t have the bandwidth to start looking for a new place. Food was nice though and there are pics below.

We had a couple of guests from the US & Canada join us and we ended up with a couple of wines that we don’t usually get to taste at RCC Israel that were a real treat! Chodesh Tov!

Golan Heights Winery, Yarden, Blanc de Blancs, 2009 – No change from last month. As I have written, this is drinking beautifully right now!

Midbar, Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc, 2012 – I thought this was going to be interesting as it was the last kosher white made by Yaacov Oryah for Midbar (Kashrut was not official here as they gave up their hashgacha before this went to market) – and it is semillon based like it’s older cousin which would follow it. Unfortunately it was flat and dead.

Yaacov Oryah, Hunter’s Valley, Sémillon, 2009 – This wine has not changed over the past year. It is at peak and drinking wonderfully. For how long? Who knows. As has been noted, it’s unheard of to have a kosher Israeli white wine go for 9 years. As this is not showing tired at all, I would guess that it has at least another year on it – but really, there is no reason to hold at this point. So drink, enjoy and marvel at the wine-making skills of Yaacov Oryah.

Barkan, Reserve, Carignan, 2007 – I had really low expectations here – I mean this wine was not built to last 11 years  – and yet I heard that some people had recently found some of this in a cellar and while some of the bottles were dead, some were supposedly drinking well…. Luckily this was one of the good bottles. Certainly tired and past peak – but still enjoyable. With expected bricking color-wise, the nose was sweet and I got scared – but with a little air that blew off and in the mouth you ended up mostly with  plums and  warm spice with a touch of acidity and tannin still holding it together. While far from the best of the night, it was really impressive – I mean this bottle cost about NIS 60 in the day, and here it is 11 years later…..

Elvi, Herenza, Rioja Crianza, 2010 – Corked.

Galil Mountain Winery, Yiron, 2011 – It’s been a while since I had this guy. Riper than I remember (especially on the nose), but controlled. Primarily really dark fruit –  plum & dark  berries  – in the mouth with a bit of black pepper. Tannin is well integrated and holding in the middle and the acid is present enough to keep it lively. I would guess this is at peak or even slightly over – so drink up.

Psagot, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012 – This wine was simply not for me. Very ripe, sweet and hot. Pass.

Golan Heights Winery, Yarden, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2011 – Expected to hate this, though I guess after following the Psagot, it showed better than it would have. Still not really my thing. Very ripe and round. Full bodied. Dark fruit up front and not much else flavorwise. Acid and tannin are OK but mostly in the background. This is not a wine you should be holding on to (or bringing to RCC’s)

Yatir, Syrah, 2011 – Much blander and rounder than I remember with the pepper not present. Black and blue fruit is there though but this guy is already turning the corner. Drink up.

G’vaot, Masada, 2011 – Best Israeli wine of the night, I think it’s been a little over a year since I had it last. This wine is at peak and remains mostly unchanged. Black fruit, nice tobacco and then  coffee on the finish. Acidity has receded a bit and tannin is well integrated. Time to drink.

Capçanes, La Flor del Flor de Primavera, Garnacha, 2012 – My first time with this sepcific vintage  – I don’t think it ever made it’s way to Israel. This wine is VERY young. Decanted for about 2 hours and then ran through a Vinturi and it was just starting to open. Crazy tannin. Back and blue fruit with some earth and tobacco – all layered and unfolding beautifully. This wine needs another 2-3 years, but all signs point to it being a blockbuster. Probably the best wine of the night in the long term, though not my favorite of the night in terms of drinking now.

Terra di Seta, Assai, Gran Selezione, Chianti Classico, 2011 – This was my favorite wine of the night. Due to a lack of decanters, dropped the shoulders early – and then ran my glass  through the Vinturi and that put this wine in a really nice place. Really bright acidity Red fruit – strawberry and cherry wrapped in some beautiful earthiness. Juicy and bright with mouth coating tannin. What a great food wine. Wish this wine was sold here in the holy land…..

Golan Heights Winery, Yarden, T2, 2009 – While this continues to be my favorite vintage of this port-style wine, though it is slipping a bit. All of the base flavor is there, but it is softening up significantly. Drink up.

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