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RCC Israel #4 in honor of Elul 5776 was held on September 13th, 2016 in Nachlaot. This RCC had one of our most inventive menus to date. Also, Chef Todd Aarons – of Crave and Tierra Sur fame was in attendance and contributed the seared tuna slider appetizer in the pictures.  The rest of the menu was one of our most inventive – and featured a “Diner” theme. Uri and Bracha outdid themselves

We had a number of guests from abroad and I always try to accommodate when people are visiting (as I would hope they would return the favor if our roles were reversed) . This led to having 16 or 17 people in attendance  – which is WAY more than we usually allow (10 plus the chefs is the norm) – and I have to say – managing the evening took much more time then I normally put in – which led to much sparser notes that were tough to decipher –

Golan Heights Winery, Yarden, Blanc de blanc, 2007 – Really nice and in it’s prime showing all of the toasty/yeasty notes I like.

Recanati, Marawi, 2015  – Bonus bottle- likely a bad bottle – this wine presented flat and uninspired

Midbar, Winemaker’s Edition, Chenin Blanc, 2010 – remarkably alive  and well – but in the unlikely case you have any  – drink up. This wine is another Yaacov Oryah wonder. There are very few Israeli CB’s that can go 6 years. Maybe the Latour Netofa White. Very nice indeeed

Segal, Unfiltered, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2010 – Hard, hard  pass

Tzora, Shoresh, Red, 2010 – now in it’s prime! Dark berries and warm spices (amazingly – that’s all I wrote )

Carmel, Kayoumi, Shiraz, 2008 – As always – all of the things you love about Israeli shiraz – done perfectly! Dark fruit, pepper, excellent finish – really top of it’s game!

Carmel, Mediterranean, 2008 – uninspired. Nothing wrong with this bottle – but nothing right either.

Golan Heights Winery, Yarden, Single Vineyard, Cabernet Sauvignon, Elrom, 2008 – This wine suffered from not being decanted enough – was still rather closed and therefore didn’t really present well – enjoyable still in the state that it was – but only a glimmer of what it could be.

Shiloh, Secret Reserve , Merlot, 2008 – Nice – if nothing mind-blowing – the wine was slightly past peak. Still very nice with good fruit. Drink up though.

Golan Heights Winery, Yarden, Single Vineyard, Cabernet Sauvignon, Yonatan, 2007 – wow! was expecting something MUCH sweeter – but this wine impressed  to the max ! In fact was my favorite of the night. NW for sure  – but restrained and elegant. Also complemented the food we were eating really well  – and some of the other big guns slightly under-performed. But still – really awesome!

Gvaot, Masada, 2007 – My second favorite of the night – just a touch behind the Yonatan CS. Dark fruit and chocolate  with perfectly balanced tannin and acid. Excellent!

Hevron Heights, Jacob’s ladder, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007 – pass

Barkan, Superior, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2006 – Dead

Dalton, Matatia, 2006 – While my third favorite of the night – this bottle under-performed. I had had this only once before and it was a blockbuster. I should say – it still IS a blockbuster and was still excellent – all of the flavors were there – dark fruit, coffee etc – nice acidity  and tannin –  just something a little diminished. But ignore that – I will – if I ever have the chance at tasting again, I’m not turning it down….

Golan Heights Winery, Yarden, Single Vineyard, Merlot, Tel-Phares, 2006 – Medium body, nicely structured standard Syrah – slightly passed peak – drink up.

Carmel, Single Vineyard, Late Harvest Gewurztraminer, Shaal, 2010 – Always great – the sha’al tastes as always of apricots and honey with a nice acid core to back it up. Nice way to end the evening!


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