2017 Carmel Appellation Gewürztraminer

Last night I tasted the 2017 Carmel Appellation Rosé and was super impressed (notes to come eventually). I figured maybe they did a nice job on the Gewurtz as well. I was wrong. Sadly, while the price is OK (NIS 45), the wine itself falls flat in every area.

The nose is very muted with barely there aromas of melon and lemon curd. In the mouth the medium body wine has a vague flavor of melon and some citrus pith with a little acid thrown in. The wine is listed as off-dry and there is some residual sugar – but it doesn’t really work with the bitterness of the pith. Eventually the wine falls apart in the mouth becoming watery on the finish.

On the plus side, my friend Andy gave me a Pesach recipe for a wine-cream that calls for some white wine – and for that purpose, this will do just fine. The cream goes nicely with both fruit and cake and can be served either warm or chilled. Here is the recipe – it’s by far the best part of my experience with this wine:

Wine Cream

1 cup water
1/2 cup white wine
1/2 cup orange juice (fresh)
3 eggs
1.5 tblspoons potato starch
1/2 cup sugar
Juice from 1/2 lemon

(Can 1.5 or double recipe for a bigger crowd.)

1) Beat well until foamy (I do it in the mixmaster)
2) Transfer to a pot
3) Don’t stir it long on the heat. Let it come to a boil (blistering). It can burn easily, so keep a close eye on it, stirring from the bottom. Keep stirring to not burn the bottom. Remove from heat once it blisters.
4) Continue to stir OFF the heat -It should thicken up nicely.

Bottom Line:

  • Price: NIS 45
  • For Aging: No
  • Would I Buy Again: No
  • QPR Rating: Average
  • Taste/Depth/Quality: Poor
  • Overall Rating  (1-5): 2

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