2016 Tabor, Single Vineyard, Shifon, Viognier

This is the third entry in Tabor’s Single Vineyard series. This wine puzzled me. On first pour, right out of the fridge at a temp of about 3-4 Celsius (38-40 Fahrenheit). No nose, no acid, some perceived sweetness. The body was watery. When it warmed up  to lets say 5-6 Celsius flavors started coming out. Sweetness disappeared replaced by a whole lot of wood with some nice acid but a very bitter finish. No real fruit anywhere. But the body came together really nicely. Rich and round, When warmed a bit further (8-10 Celsius by mys estimate), fruit on top with peach and some green apple.Nice acid. Still a ton of wood and still the very bitter finish. Body was a bit disjointed. At this stage, I had had enough.

5-6 hours later, I decided to go for another try  and we had a nose! Peach, peach, peach. In the mouth the wine had come together as well . Peach, apples, mineral but still that wood and the very bitter finish. Acid was there but more integrated. Body showed nicely with the wood doing its part to round it out. Overall much better than when first opened. Nothing to write home about, but improved.

Bottom Line:

  • Price: About NIS 90
  • For Aging: No
  • Would I Buy Again: No
  • QPR Rating: Poor
  • Taste/Depth/Quality: At its best, average
  • Overall Rating  (1-5): 2

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